BH-90 Turbine Shaft Unmanned Helicopter

Fully automatic design
Smooth flight performance
High reliability and good wind resistance.
Easy to operate and maintain
Heavy oil engine
With ground collision avoidance, VPRS system
Main Rotor Diameter 2940mm
Fuselage Length 2520mm
Fuselage Width 730mm
Powerplant 15kw Turbine shaft engine
Fuel Capacity 60L
OEW 32kg
MTOW 90kg
MPL 35kg
Maximum Flight Time 2.5h
Maximum Range 250km
Ceiling 4500m
Maximum Speed 180km/h
Speed 100km/h
Flight Wind Resistance 20m/s
Hovering Accuracy 0.2m
Stable Structure Design
Carbon fiber composite material body, component modular design, taking into account the flight performance and maintenance convenience
Stable Solution
Tailored industry solutions, highly reliable system integration solutions, rich experience in industry applications
Stable Use Experience
Stable flight attitude, good wind resistant performance, low vibration, high output power, can be used for heavy oil fuel
Stable After Sales Service
7X24 hours online service system, the expert team to provide application support, hardware failure in a timely manner, efficient cloud data platform